Welcome to the only remaining punk-bar in Amsterdam

Opening times:
Sunday to Thursday: 21.00 - 03.00
Friday & Saterday : 21.00 - 04.00
Adress: Spuistraat 245, Tel: 020-6236784

- FYI, we don't do bands! -

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About the Minds

Cafe the Minds is the only real Punk bar left in Amsterdam. A gritty brown interiour, Cheap but very good beer (No Heineken, but real beer), Pooltable and Pinballmachine, Good music, nice crowd, great bartenders, oh, and did I mention cheap beer?

What music we play? Well... Punk!
But we also like other styles of loud guitar music, like Hardcore, Metal, Stoner or a mix between all of them.
If you're lucky the bartender is in a cheerfull mood and will even play Ska, and don't be alarmed if the metalhead behind the bar suddenly plays old country music, it's all in good fun when your drunk....

About the name. Why is it called "the Minds"? Well, the story goes...
When the current owner bought the place in 1984, he was a fan of the band "The Simple Minds", and wanted to name the place after them. The band however didn't allowed him to use the full name. So the owner removed simple, hensforth it became "the Minds".
So now you know...

Cafe The Minds is situated on Spuistraat 245, around the corner of Dam square.
Look for the big red neon arrow...

Contact info

Address: Spuistraat 245

Phone: 020-6236784
Email: info@theminds.nl

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We don't do bands, by the way...